Our Wedding Party

Our wedding party rocks! Check out the cool people we know.

Maid of Honor

Lauren Novak

Best friends since birth (or probably before, since their dads were college roommates), Lauren and Jordan were destined to serve as each other’s Maids of Honor. Lauren is a graduate of TCU who just moved to Chicago with her husband, Justin, and their dog, Moose, to start a career with Sears/Kmart. Lauren and Jordan share a love of Crested Butte, CO, Monty Python, and Star Wars.


Maggie Abbott

Maggie and Jordan found each other as fellow band nerds in high school, and continued to march together in the Longhorn Band at UT. Their senior year, they both made their church home at the Episcopal Student Center. Maggie is a physical therapist with an artistic flair who has just started writing icons. She lives in Houston with her husband, the Rev. Jimmy Abbott, and their two dogs.


Elizabeth Godwin

Liz and Jordan have been fast friends since Before The Fall Orientation at Yale Divinity School. Liz is a native North Carolinian, graduate of East Carolina University, and music teacher whose husband, Jeremy, attends YDS with Jordan. Liz and Jordan bonded over a love of church music, Southern cooking, and dramatic TV shows, and have been friends ever since.

Best Man

Jay Ware

Jay is Derek’s brother, best friend, and D&D buddy. A graduate of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Jay is an environmental engineer. Jay is married to Caroline Ware, and they have two children, Teckla & Victor.


Laura Miramontes Hines

Laura (a former rock star) became fast friends with rocker Derek when they first starting working together at Furneaux Elementary. Laura is a speech pathologist in private practice, and is married to Chris Hines, a ticket broker. They have two dogs, Skeeter & Bailey, whom they race every year at the Texas State Fair.


Christopher Rodgers

Topher is a longtime member of Transfiguration whose love for the Episcopal Church gets expressed down to his flip-flops. Topher is an economist who works for the Federal Reserve Bank. With his wife Jennifer, he is a dog-owner, art-lover, and HBO aficionado, and they join Jordan and Derek for True Blood parties every summer.


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