Our Story


About Jordan


When Jordan is not globe-trotting, reading a new book, or cheering on the Longhorns, she can probably be found geeking out over the fine points of ministry.  Fittingly, she has been recently ordained transitionally to the diaconate in the Episcopal Church and will soon finish the Master of Divinity degree at Yale Divinity School.  Jordan is so lucky to have found someone who loves her in spite of her practicing her incense-freewheeling with a tin can in the backyard. In her free time, Jordan enjoys belting out showtunes in her car, attending wine tastings, and correcting people who are wrong on the internet. Jordan’s favorite thing about Derek is how important it is to him to show people how much he loves them. Jordan’s favorite thing to do with Derek is the crossword on his back porch with a good single malt scotch (Talisker for him, Macallan for her) by their side.

About Derek


Derek was born in Mississippi, and though he didn’t get to Texas quite as fast as he could, Jordan’s very glad he finally made it. He’s a very private person, so it says a lot about how much he loves Jordan that he’s on this website at all. . . . . Derek is a second grade teacher whose favorite part of the job is seeing his students learn to read. When he’s not molding the young minds of America, Derek whips up some mean waffle cookies (with powdered sugar!). Derek’s current D&D character is a half-orc cleric, who recently saved Jordan’s character from certain death. Derek’s favorite thing about Jordan is the utter passion she has for everything she does. His favorite thing to do with Jordan is cook a delicious dinner for friends.

How We Met


Derek and Jordan met in a bar — with their church group. They promise it’s not as weird as it sounds.  Both Jordan and Derek attended the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration’s young adult group neXtgen, which hosted a gathering at a local bar. After noticing the cute newbie across the room, Derek invited Jordan to join their friends at a series of Sunday night dinner parties.  Once they had established a close friendship and flirty rapport, Derek worked up the courage to ask Jordan out on a date.  A year into their relationship, Jordan was preparing to move across the country for seminary.  While neither Jordan nor Derek loved the idea of a long distance relationship, they believed it would be worth the effort.  Thank God they were right.


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