Finding a photographer


Finding a photographer is so tough. It’s so hard to know, until you actually see your photos, how they’ll turn out. I mean, you can taste the cake, you can try the champagne, you try on the dress, but your photographer is a certain amount of mystery. Photos that worked out great at other weddings may not work at yours. In a lot of ways, it’s a guessing game.

A member of my House Party gave me a good way to think about it this afternoon: “On your wedding day, other than your groom, the person you’ll talk to most is your photographer.” So in addition to thinking about the quality of their photos and my budget, I’m also thinking about how much I like them – how much we can chat, how comfortable I feel around them, especially since we did the engagement photos in Connecticut and we won’t have a chance to get to know the photographer before the day of. I’m going to be so happy on our wedding day, and I don’t want our photographer to be a downer!

Mostly, I just want to capture all the joy of the day so that I can look at it forever. I want to see our smiles, look at the sunshine (God willing!) on the green grass, remember how it felt to ring the bell as our first act together as husband and wife. That’s the good stuff: remembering our first moments of marriage, all the way through. So I hope I find somebody good!


Reception Ideas


Oh man. I am not a good party planner. The church stuff: awesome. The party after? Not my forte. Thank goodness for some awesome girlfriends (some of whom have done this before) enjoying breakfast and looking at Pinterest boards and internet photos as we talk about how to turn the parish hall into a beautiful wedding reception! We talked linens and cocktail tables, sherbet punch and table runners, twinkle lights and mason jars while we ate pancakes and shared some laughs. Being Divvies (mostly), we got distracted thinking about communion logistics (always a favorite topic!), but I’m so excited to think more about how to dress up the Hall for the big day. I’m still a little overwhelmed deciding what needs to be rented, but I know Derek and I will be able to figure it out!

Welcome to our website!

Well, 2013 is finally here, and we’re so excited to celebrate our marriage with all of you! After three long years in two separate states, we will finally be able to make our life together. I just finished writing my General Ordination Exams, and I’m looking forward to starting my final semester at Yale Divinity School. Derek just started his spring semester, and we’re both trying to get as much planning done as we can while writing (or grading!) papers, planning lessons, and all my church duties! It’s a whirlwind, but we can’t wait.

Feel free to explore our site. Leave your comments, sign the Guestbook, let us know you’re as excited as we are!